We believe that quality fresh ingredients are the essential part of great dishes.  Here at Revolución we will always put fresh beautiful ingredients in front of you on the plate.  Our inspiration comes from the spirit of trying new things.   Ultimately the Spanish style lends itself to the most flexibility for different dishes.  The Spanish get influences from France, Italy, Portugal, and Morocco.  It's no great mystery as to why this food is becoming so popular all across the United States.  

Spanish Cuisine

The Spanish have influenced food for hundreds of years with their traditional dishes. All across Latin America we can see the similarities, but also the great differences.  

Spanish food is very different from Mexican or Central American cuisine.  While Mexican can be very spicy, Spanish food is not.  It is perfectly flavored.  We will also feature some dishes that are easily influenced directly from Spain.  Cuban dishes have the closest similarities to Spain and we will be featuring different Cuban and Puerto Rican dishes as the ingredients come into season.

Our Vision

We started Revolución by being completely inspired by the best coffee we have ever had.  Our house Oaxacan completely changed everything for us the first time we had it.  We had to build a coffee house with this amazing coffee at the center.  

As for the food, our time in Miami and Los Angeles provided the base to falling in love with latin flavors.  It wasn't until we tried Tapas for the first time did we realize how amazing Spanish food and Spanish inspired food really could be.  This led to tons of research, practice, and an amazing trip to San Sebastian and Barcelona Spain. There we were truly inspired by the complexity yet simple aspects of Spanish cuisine.